Vinars Jidvei VSOP

Vinars Jidvei VSOP


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100% Distilled wine

42% vol. alc. - 70cl.
Versterkte wijn
Ageing: min. 5 years in Transylvanian oak barrels
Aspect, color: clear, gold-yellow to brown with tints of amber
Nose: notes of figs and vanilla
Palate: rich mouthfeel, caramel taste, slightly spicy

Tarnave Valley- the Area where Jidvei is located, known since the 1200s as Weinland – Land of Wine, is the place were Sachsen colonists, famous for their vine growing skills, used to make a wine distillate they called Weinbrand – burned wine.

This is how the Romanian name for wine distillate appeared: VINARS, literally meaning „burned wine”.

True to tradition, Vinars Jidvei VSOP is made only by distilling young high-acidity wines which give it finesse and aroma, while its ageing for a minimum of five years in Transylvanian oak barrels completes it by giving it an amber color and a smooth, velvety taste.

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