Vinars Brancoveanu XO

Vinars Brancoveanu XO

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100% Distilled wine

40% vol. alc. - 70cl.
Versterkte wijn
Ageing: min. 7 years in Transylvanian oak barrels
Nose: almond and Velvety Vanilla aromas, woody and spice notes.
Tasting notes: dry Fruit, walnut and woody body, melted tannins and tobacco traces, liquorice and dry aftertaste.

Brâncoveanu Vinars was created in memory of the 25 years of peace brought in Romania by Constantin Brâncoveanu's rule.

Vinars making is an ancient Romanian craft passed on from generation to generation. Vinars is considered the Ambassador of wine distillate in its purest form since no other component can be added at any stage of the production. The craftsmanship in blending the best wine distillate is transferred to the Brâncoveanu range by the Master Blender, who created the perfect blend to proudly embody the Brâncoveanu Vinars with the history and culture of the nation.

Brâncoveanu XO is a blend of wine distillate aged for a minimum of 7 years, resulting in transferring deep, delicate and rich aromas of a distinguished blend into the Brâncoveanu XO bottle. Brancoveanu XO is for those who have proven to be noble, authentic and have achieved powerful experiences

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