Alexandrion Group

The products of Alexandrion Group gather an experience of more than 200 years in the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages through the purchase of the brands SABER and Alexander.

Our own recipes for Alexandrion, Kreskova, Cava D’Oro or Zolmyr, based on the same principles of quality, excellence and tradition, replenish our products portfolio. Brâncoveanu vinars, the premium product of Alexandrion Group, has not only a perfect recipe, but also a great history.

For still wines, we have a special collection, with simple, honest wines that is called La Umbra.

vertaling: de schaduw (van de boom)

In old Romanian farmhouses usually near the summer kitchen, there was a tree under whose shadow the family members got together to eat, rest and chat with friends.

Everything happened next to a glass of wine. This habit was the inspiration for the names of La Umbra wines.

La Umbra includes fresh, fruity and light wines, obtained from carefully selected grape varieties, harvested from Romania's famous wine regions.