Vinars Bardar Gold 10 years - XO

Vinars Bardar Gold 10 years - XO


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Bardar is a symbol of tradition, which begins in 1929, when a German entrepreneur named Muller laid the foundations of what is today the Bardar distillery. The location of the distillery was not coincidental - it is in the area of Codrii (woods), just 15 km away of the capital city Chisinau, in the heart of the vineyards of white grapes. 

From a small distillery with a great potential, it became an enterprise where the heat of the sun, the rich and trim vines, the centennial oak wood, as well ast the mastery of the employees have created an absolute harmony to produce high quality divin. 

Currently the Bardar distillery is among the top 3 divin producers of Moldova, and won over 40 medals in the last few years.

100% Distilled wine

40% vol. alc. - 50cl.
Versterkte wijn
Ageing: min. 10 years in the finest oak barrels
Aspect, color: clear, gold-yellow to brown with tints of amber
Nose: cigar leaf, iced coffee, dried prunes
Palate: honey, evolves to wood & leather

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